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heinäkuu 2003
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I uploaded some new photos on the Visions/Photography page a couple of days ago. Take a look if you’re interested (and if you didn’t already).
We went to see an apartment today. Very nice as an apartment but the location is shite so we said no thanks. Boohoo. I’m so anxious to get to move [...]

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Well what do you know – I actually updated the site today. And it wasn’t just a small update but a BIG one :P The biggest change is the way I’ve organised the Visions-section. Instead of one gallery there are now three different categories: 3D, fractals & photography. Take a look if you like :) [...]

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Ugh, the weather is really warm. I mean, really warm for Finland. I think the temperature was about +30C today which is a bit too much for my taste, really. We went for a walk in the afternoon and I reckon that wasn’t a good idea because I’ve been feeling lousy ever since. Now I’m [...]

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