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Another weekend’s over

The weekend was nice and relaxing, albeit kinda uneventful too. Yesterday we managed (once again) to spend a horrid amount of money on something. We had a lovely dinner in a restaurant which is slowly becoming a habit and a bad one at that, considering how expensive it is. But it was fun and it [...]

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Tired… :o

Papu and I have been working our pretty little butts (say what?) off trying to finish our product and I’m uploading it to the MarketPlace right now. Finally! I know this work has already paid off because I know at least I (!) will be using this product a lot :P
I haven’t done much else, [...]

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Is it.. over?

Goodness, this feels weird. I’m done with my thesis. Really, I’m DONE with it. All I need to do is wait till April 10th when I get a grade for it and that’s it. Both professors of the department congratulated me and all.. man, I guess this is a real accomplishment?
The seminar was okay. :) [...]

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This is the day :O

Okay folks… it’s March 26th and you know what that means. Er, what do you mean you don’t? ;) Anyway, it’s the day when I have my thesis seminar. *GASP* Two examiners will be torturing me for about an hour with horrible questions about why I’ve done x in y way and wouldn’t doing y [...]

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O_o part II

Another strange Instant Message! I wonder if someone is trying to pull my leg.. :/
Subject: Dear Heowin
Instant Message from [name removed]: I am just wondering if you are involved with someone in Finland,because since i saw your portraits in this gallery i am deeply in Love with you ! ;-)
[name removed] (Sent 3/25 07:39)
This [...]

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Look at the Instant Message I got at Renderosity today!
Subject: To Eowyn
Instant Message from [name removed]: I have been watching your black and white portrait in the homepage of everytime i am logging on and wanted to tell you that you somehow look very shy and when watching your artwork i am definitel [...]

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re-makes and general annoyance

Hm. I made a new render today. Or actually I made it about a week ago or so but only had time to finish it now. It’s got nudity in it so consider yourself warned. The image is called [Master and servant] – consider that the second warning :P Nah, it’s not a BAD image, [...]

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paula says: MITKÄÄN ongelmat ei lopu murrosiän jälkeen!
My friends are the funniest people! ROFL… (Loosely translated: NONE of your problems end after puberty) It’s true though!

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Not again… :(

Chantal to me when I got back from the grocery store:
[DutchAngel] so…… what did you buy that you should not have bought because you are going to cry on my shoulder later this week, because you have eaten something that you should not have, but did anyway, because you felt like it!?
ROFL! You just gotta [...]

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She’s out :D

Wahey! [Maxine], our super extra cool new character (heh ;) is finally out and man, I am SO PROUD. I think Dave and I did a kick-ass job on her :) Now I’m just hoping she’ll sell well.
You’d think I’ve had a nice and lazy Friday evening since I just released a new product, right? [...]

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