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tammikuu 2003
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I’m going away for the weekend. Yes, you’re all getting rid of me for two days. Joy of joys. BUT I am coming back sometime around noon on Sunday. :) Anyway.. what’s new? I’ve updated my gallery page (click on the visions -link in the sidebar and you’ll see). I was inspired by [Papu], she [...]

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mmm.. apple cake

A friend of mine has her birthday tomorrow. She is not celebrating, but she asked us to come over today. We just got back from her place a little while ago. We had a lovely time, just chatting over a cup of coffee. She had made a really delicious apple cake and fruit salad… *drool* [...]

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I have no idea why…

…but people just seem to do the most stupid things sometimes. I did a really shitty thing to people who have never been anything but nice to me and I feel rotten about it. I emailed them to apologize although I doubt it does much good.. You live, you learn – that seems to be [...]

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Regions… ARRGHHH

I SO hate the damn regioning in DVDs. What’s the point in having different regions? Who on earth thought it would be nice to have MANY different kind of DVDs instead of one standard? If I knew, I’d go and beat the idiot up. I am so sick of never finding the movies I want… [...]

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weekend joy

Mmm.. I’m drinking autumn tea and thinking of a friend. I love weekends! I am not feeling too well physically, I don’t know what is up with that. It seems I’ve been like this most of the week – every evening I’ve been feeling kinda sick. The most certain sign of me not being well [...]

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“Through the seasons and the years I will always hold you dear.” Happy Birthday, {{link Davepops}}. Love ya muchly *snuggles* :)

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busy busy

Haven’t really had time to think about posting anything. This week has been a busy one, with me trying to work on my Poser projects as well as my thesis. Today I met my instructor, we talked about my thesis for about one and half hours and I really am almost done with it now, [...]

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owww my stomach

I learned a lesson about certain type of sweets today. Oh my poor stomach. I only ate 50 grams but you can’t IMAGINE how sick they made me. Note to self: next time you read a warning text in a bag of sweets, BELIEVE it. *OoOFF*
Currently I’m sitting here, listening to Chopin’s Walz in C-sharp [...]

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Making custom brushes with the latest Photoshop turned out to be quite tedious. The program insists on setting the brush spacing to 25% by default and you have to do extra work to get around that. WHAT were they thinking when they made that? But I guess the time I spent trying to figure out [...]

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what a day…

This hasn’t been a particularly good day, I have to admit. I guess the worst thing that happened today is that I found out a friend of mine is (most likely) dying. “Please dont be sad for me, it was written before I was born :)”.. that’s what she wrote. But I am sad. I [...]

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