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A, B, C and D…

The problems I’ve been having with my email client today reminded me about the basic personality types. It’s when you’re having problems with software that you truly notice the different kinds of people you have around you :P
Go and tell a someone you’re having problems with your email client, which in this case is Outlook.Person [...]

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crap crap crap

I must’ve slept somehow badly because my shoulder is all screwed up. Turning my head hurts, I’m not sure if it’s because of muscles or a nerve but the pain is annoying. I shouldn’t be doing anything on the computer now I guess.
My head has been kinda empty today (heh did I hear you say [...]

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Should be in bed but I really REALLY need to do something relaxing before I go. I played with fractal flames for three hours (!) and didn’t manage to create ANYTHING nice at all. Three hours totally wasted (well I suppose it does count as practise but..), I’m just brilliant sometimes. Now I’m tired and [...]

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bad, bad me.

I am a bad bad person – I haven’t updated my blog for two whole days. Sorry, I promise it’ll never happen again (dream on ;) I could claim I have been really busy with really important things but I’d be lying if I did that. I’ve been doing all sorts of unimportant things. Fun [...]

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the hard life of a Poser artist ;)

Outi says: älä sitten vain erehdy toivomaan, että tästä tulee joku iso hitti
Outi says: [senshuroitu ettei kukaan varashta meidän ideaa ;)] ei yleensä taida myydä kovin paljoa
paula says: :D en en en *perkele jos ei tule*
paula says: jee. miksi me sitten tehdään niitä
Outi says: hassuli
paula says: no joo, tyhmä kysmys
Outi says: [...]

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Energy level below 0

I’m not sure why but I feel exhausted. I must’ve been having really heavy dreams last night.. when the alarm went off around 7 am, the first thought that popped into my mind was “Omg, Markku must’ve accidentally set the alarm to go off in the middle of the night”. I couldn’t believe my eyes [...]

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heel vrolijk

Today’s theme song is the ever-so-bouncy Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk… rofl. I’ve been listening to it just because it’s so silly and happy and thus fits my mood perfectly. For my Finnish readers: it’s the song from Alfred J. Kwak, I think the Finnish lyrics go pretty much like “On tänään onnenpäivä, jotain jotain [...]

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Yay, Friday! I didn’t post anything last night, like you probably noticed. I was playing with fractals and totally forgot about the rest of the world. Nothing to show yet, but I might continue today. I’ve written half of the article and I’m trying to get most of the rest written today (you can wish, [...]

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the copycat strikes again

Inspired by someone else’s blog, here’s my list of, er, things:
At the tender age of 27 I…
…have learned what real love is
…have found the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with
…am married to the above mentioned person
…am still as impatient as I’ve always been even though I’m trying to work [...]

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Worked on the article.
Made a new image.
Emailed people.
Watched telly.
Going to bed.

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