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    ARGH university byrocracy whatever

    Gosh how annoyed I was this afternoon.. I was told – all of a sudden – that I need to ”prove” that some magazine is interested in releasing my article (the exam paper). From my earlier conversations with the department staff I had understood that nothing like that was needed. Sheesh, and now all of […]

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    Wednesday happiness

    So nice… 45 minutes of brisk walking with hubby. It’s snowing a bit and the weather is kinda nice. Now I feel great, it felt good to get some fresh air and exercise. And I earned some extra points with the long walk, too. Yay. I finished the first version of my exam paper today. […]

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    Ooooh so beautiful…

    …smooth, shiny black covers… …pretty, golden letters… …all mine… * Eowyn hugs her thesis. I told you I had a feeling they would call me today! So now I’ve got a pile of books with beautiful black covers. So nice. I’m so happy and proud I feel like I’m bursting at the seams. Tomorrow I’ll […]

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    must… resist…

    I’m so tempted to redesign my site again. Again. But I must resist the temptation. Must… resist… Gosh, I’ll lose the little credibility I have if I keep redesigning this site every two months. *grin* But spring is coming, I’d like something a little less dark and a little more colourful on my site.. sigh. […]

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    pig day

    Uhhuh, I pigged out today. We had a really nice dinner in a restaurant (not our favourite one though because for some strange reason it was closed today) and even dessert which we normally don’t order. Mmmm.. I must’ve eaten worth 30 points but I don’t care. Tomorrow is another diet day. This was a […]

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    It’s strange how a good night’s sleep can make you change your mind about something. I think I overreacted yesterday when it comes to the problem I had with someone. I feel better about it now and I’m not upset anymore. Things happen.. tough luck. Now I’ll just move on. I am feeling tired and […]

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    they’re all the same..

    Heh, at least my Friday wasn’t uneventful. Too bad it was eventful in an unpleasant way. I found a very upsetting email in my inbox in the morning – it was actually upsetting enough to make me cry. I can’t and I don’t want to go into details – let’s just say someone hurt me, […]

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    sweet laziness!

    What a lovely day. No rush, no stress. Just being lazy. Things I have done today: 1) worked on something extra for my Visions -page. Must continue that soon. 2) emptied a backbag I used during my teacher training and found a chocolate bar in it. It’s out of date and it looks like someone […]

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    Friends will be friends

    I found the sweetest email in my inbox this morning when I checked my emails… It said: ”Choose to have a good day, don’t let anything get you down, discouraged, or frustrated. Whenever something begins to, smile and remember it’s not worth the stress! And you’re loved by many :o) Just thought I’d start your […]

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    Optimism and [{{link Ommadawn}}] both begin with an O. Not that it matters :) I’m experiencing the former and listening to the latter. I think I’ve made all the final corrections to my thesis now and it *should* be ready now. I am going to take a break for an hour or two now […]

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