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helmikuu 2018
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  • sweet laziness!

    What a lovely day. No rush, no stress. Just being lazy. Things I have done today:

    1) worked on something extra for my Visions -page. Must continue that soon.
    2) emptied a backbag I used during my teacher training and found a chocolate bar in it. It’s out of date and it looks like someone sat on it but hey, it’s chocolate!
    3) took all the books I used as references for my thesis back to the library. (Thought I would collapse because of the weight of my backbag and the plastic bags with tons of books in them. Fortunately I didn’t.)
    4) thanks to 3) discovered that there is a pretty and stripey carpet on the livingroom floor.

    While I was eating dinner just ten minutes ago I found somethig interesting in a women’s magazine. The magazine itself is a bit silly but in this particular article there was a list of a good man’s character traits. A couple of things in the list really caught my attention:
    – Nothing in a guy is as sexy as a good sense of humour
    – If a guy can laugh at himself it’s a sign of healthy self-confidence
    – a good guy ALSO knows that there is a time and a place for humour. He doesn’t avoid difficult subjects by joking about them and he will never ignore your need to talk about a problem by making a tasteless joke about it.

    Amen to that. Every guy should be like that.. I’m glad my husband is…

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    20.2.2003, 21.22

    I second that Amen… *smile*

    Aint it nice to have your livingroom back.

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