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helmikuu 2018
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  • Wednesday happiness

    So nice… 45 minutes of brisk walking with hubby. It’s snowing a bit and the weather is kinda nice. Now I feel great, it felt good to get some fresh air and exercise. And I earned some extra points with the long walk, too. Yay.

    I finished the first version of my exam paper today. I hope my instructor (who will be the one evaluating it) will like it and won’t ask me to make too many changes in it. I just want to get it done. Today I found out that I won’t be able to get my diploma until April 17th or 18th. My thesis seminar will be on March 26th and the next department staff meeting is already the next day and thus too soon when it comes to my thesis. Soo… the staff will discuss my thesis in the NEXT meeting which won’t be until April 10th. That sucketh greatly. But what’s another couple of weeks when I’ve waited this long? ;) I’ll try to survive.

    I took my thesis (two of them) to the faculty office today. Considering how important the whole thing is to me, it would’ve been nice to have some kind of fanfares etc when I handed them in. But no… LOL.. the woman in the office looked at me and said ”Do you know the examiners of your thesis?”. I told her I do and she gave me a pen and a post-it and told me to write the names down. And that was it. Oh well ;)

    I saw a really nice hair painting tutorial on some website yesterday. Now I’m dying to try it out but I’m already sure that I’ll screw up and the image will turn out terrible. I don’t seem to be very good at painting. Bah. Maybe I should at least try first. :)

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