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helmikuu 2018
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    Heh, at least my Friday wasn’t uneventful. Too bad it was eventful in an unpleasant way. I found a very upsetting email in my inbox in the morning – it was actually upsetting enough to make me cry. I can’t and I don’t want to go into details – let’s just say someone hurt me, not because of the decision they had made but because of the way they handled it (including cc:ing the whole correspondence to others). Once bitten, twice shy… I lost my trust in that person.

    However, the morning wasn’t all bad. In my inbox I also found a quick email and an e-card from R. and they made me feel a lot better… plus I got a cute email from Jai :) But I’m still somewhat upset about the other thing. I did some cautious asking around and found out the person in question has done things like this to other people too so I guess it wasn’t me.. But, now I’ll put the whole thing behind me and just forget about it. It’s not worth being upset about.

    Mmm… weekend. I really want to go out for dinner this weekend.. either in a junk place (pizza, kebab etc) or in a proper restaurant. I want something luxurious this weekend. Knowing I’ve finished my thesis I think I deserve to spoil myself a bit. ;)

    Oh, one more thing. I’ve updated my Visions page – at the bottom of the page you can now find links to a page with info on the images. Go check it out.

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