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helmikuu 2018
ma ti ke to pe la su
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  • pig day

    Uhhuh, I pigged out today. We had a really nice dinner in a restaurant (not our favourite one though because for some strange reason it was closed today) and even dessert which we normally don’t order. Mmmm.. I must’ve eaten worth 30 points but I don’t care. Tomorrow is another diet day.

    This was a lovely Sunday.. We slept very late, had a lazy breakfast and watched some TV and then decided to go out because the weather was lovely. We walked to a skate track nearby and went skating for the first time this winter (and for me the first time in 8-9 years). Man, it was more difficult than I had remembered, although in my defence I have to say the ice wasn’t very good. My skates had something against me.. first they were too loose and I felt like I was going to fall all the time. Then I tied them tighter and what do you know – my feet started to ACHE cos the laces were too tight. So all in all I think I only spent about 10 minutes skating :P

    Sadly this wasn’t a very good day for others. Special thoughts & hugs to my [{{link Channie}}] and her family – you guys will be in my prayers. Hang on in there!

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