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kesäkuu 2003
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    Haven’t been posting much lately, apologies for that. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that I find it difficult to say it in here. Anyways, I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for. Not a surprise because I had a feeling I wouldn’t get it – but it was […]

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    Okay, due to several complaints.. here’s a real entry for once :P What have I been up to lately? Well first of all, I went to a job interview last week. It was all right, not a bad experience at all. The interview was more like a .. conversation than a real interview and the […]

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    questionnaire thingy

    A questionnaire thingy stolen from damager who stole it from Seraphictine who stole it from someone else… :P :x: name = you know :P :x: piercings = 3 :x: tattoos = none. I don’t believe in messing with my body like that. :x: shoe size = 41-42 depending on the shoe model :x: hair color […]

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    oh goodness

    Job interview tomorrow. I’m nervous. I want the job, very much so. I know I’m qualified for it so tomorrow I just need to make sure they’ll like me as a person. Wish me luck…

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