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  • questionnaire thingy

    A questionnaire thingy stolen from damager who stole it from Seraphictine who stole it from someone else… :P

    :x: name = you know :P
    :x: piercings = 3
    :x: tattoos = none. I don’t believe in messing with my body like that.
    :x: shoe size = 41-42 depending on the shoe model
    :x: hair color = brown
    :x: length = 1.75 m (shouldn’t that be height?)


    :x: movie you rented = I think it was ’Signs’ or whatever the title is.. the one with Mel Gibson.
    :x: movie you bought = Shawshank Redemption
    :x: song you listened to = Tom Robinson Band – 2-4-6-8 Motorway
    :x: song that was stuck in your head = see above ^
    :x: cd you bought = the soundtrack of the movie AmÖ©lie
    :x: cd you listened to = see above ^
    :x: person you’ve called = my mom
    :x: person that’s called you = my friend Sanna
    :x: tv show you’ve watched = Charmed
    :x: person you were thinking of = my sweet husband I think


    :x: you have a bf or gf = No but I have a husband. Does that count?
    :x: you wish you could live somewhere else = a bigger apartment would do, thank you.
    :x: you think about suicide = No :) I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.
    :x: you believe in online dating = It seems to work for some.
    :x: others find you attractive = Some do, which still amazes me.
    :x: you want more piercings = No. Three is enough.
    :x: you drink = Not really.
    :x: you do drugs = Hell no.
    :x: you smoke = Ick, definitely not.
    :x: you like cleaning = No, cleaning sucks. That’s why our apartment looks the way it does.
    :x: you like roller coasters = I’ve only been to one and it was okay although I was screaming my lungs out.
    :x: you write in cursive or print = What does that mean? Print I think.
    :x: you carry a donor card = No.


    :x: long distance relationships = For if the people involved can make it work.
    :x: using someone = Against. Have had it done to me and I’ve got plenty of mental scars because of it.
    :x: killing people = In general against. For only if there’s no other way to protect your loved ones.
    :x: teenage smoking = Against.
    :x: doing drugs = AGAINST.
    :x: premarital sex = For. I’m strongly against sleeping around but if you have a steady bf/gf, I think it’d be insane to wait till you’re married.
    :x: driving drunk = AGAINST
    :x: gay/lesbian relationships = For. 100%
    :x: soap operas = For, if done well.


    :x: food = Chicken, pizza, steak & fries, nowadays also chinese
    :x: song = Depends on my mood. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin is one of my big favourites.
    :x: thing to do = Cuddle with hubby, watch telly, listen to music, eat, make art…
    :x: thing to talk about = scandals at Renderosity ;) LOL
    :x: sports = ehhh.. I don’t really like watching any sports.
    :x: drinks = Pepsi Max, coffee
    :x: clothes = jeans and a sweater
    :x: movies = the first two parts of the LotR trilogy, Dead Poets Society, Stand by Me, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, The Scent of a Woman… almost anything by Andy Garcia ;)
    :x: band/singer = Led Zeppelin, Queen, Harry Belafonte, UB40, Blackmore’s Night, BlÖ¸f
    :x: holiday = Christmas, perhaps.
    :x: cars = er.. I’m not into cars, really.

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    11.6.2003, 23.25


    15.6.2003, 22.48

    I also love Kashmir!

    I’ve enjoyed perusing your site, and have been a longtime fan of your Poser works. Beautifully done site, too. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi! :)

    Outi Pie:
    16.6.2003, 12.36

    Well hi there shelby! :) I’m glad you like my work and stopped by, come back soon :D

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