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helmikuu 2018
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    I found the sweetest email in my inbox this morning when I checked my emails… It said: ”Choose to have a good day, don’t let anything get you down, discouraged, or frustrated. Whenever something begins to, smile and remember it’s not worth the stress! And you’re loved by many :o) Just thought I’d start your day off encouragingly :)” It almost felt unreal, it was so incredibly sweet. I don’t know many people who would do something like that – send an email to a friend while she’s asleep just so she’ll have a good morning when she wakes up and reads the email. Well actually I know only one. *hugs Jai totally flat*

    This has been a good day so far. The thesis stress is finally over – I took the darn thing to the bindery today. Therefore it’s no use being stressed because of it now, I can’t do anything about it anymore :D The guys at the bindery were really nice. When I walked in with a cardboard box under my arm they went ”Oooh did you bring us a present???” LOL. They’ll call me when the books are ready so now I can just be lazy and do whatever I want. I’ve decided to take the rest of the week off.. I know I still need to write my maturity exam but I won’t start working on it until next week – I deserve (and need) some time off now. And besides, how long will it take me to write a 3-5 page article anyway? Not very long.

    After I left the bindery I went to Anttila (for the non-Finns reading this: it’s a big department store) and spent a fortune on cool things ;) I bought the new special edition DVD of A Fish Called Wanda which (imho) is one of the best comedy films ever made. It was expensive but I reckon it’s worth it. I also bought myself a cd and some popcorn etc. Yay. And now I’m going to continue working on a render since I finally have time for it :)

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