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    Optimism and [{{link Ommadawn}}] both begin with an O. Not that it matters :) I’m experiencing the former and listening to the latter. I think I’ve made all the final corrections to my thesis now and it *should* be ready now. I am going to take a break for an hour or two now and then read the whole thing through one last time. Then it’s time for printing. Yay.

    I got something cool from my sweet [{{link Channie}}] just a little while ago, I am going to try it out in a bit. Also a quick email from R. cheered me up a lot – I feel so much better now. And besides, listening to Ommadawn is always so relaxingggmmm.. :)

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    Maria the Fluffy One:
    19.2.2003, 4.25

    Ommadawn.. how interesting.. :) I just reformatted my computer.. forgot to back up my links (Of course) Anything you can recommend that is an absolutely must-have in My Favourites? :P

    19.2.2003, 11.55

    How about :D I’m not sure I have many links that interest you since most of my links are for different Poser sites :o

    Maria the Fluffier:
    19.2.2003, 12.30

    I already have your site, silly… :) I realised I lost all my links to the interesting galleries and thinks I’ve ever visited.

    20.2.2003, 21.21


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