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helmikuu 2018
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    Gosh how annoyed I was this afternoon.. I was told – all of a sudden – that I need to ”prove” that some magazine is interested in releasing my article (the exam paper). From my earlier conversations with the department staff I had understood that nothing like that was needed. Sheesh, and now all of a sudden it’s necessary?!? I was SO upset. Well, fortunately I got it all sorted out but for a while I was really pissed off about it. Man, I am GLAD to get out of the university…

    This morning was a lousy one for other reasons as well. After hubby left for work, I had barely fallen asleep again when the phone rang. I hate hate HATE waking up to the sound of the phone ringing. Whenever that happens, I’m angry all morning. Oookay, I tried to sleep again after the stupid phone rang. But no, my right shoulder was hurting in every darn position I tried. When I finally managed to fall asleep again, the f**king dog upstairs started howling and barking. That lasted for almost four hours. And you can probably imagine I was.. not.. happy..

    My mom called me in the afternoon and we had a looong nice talk on the phone. She dropped quite a bomb, too. My brother in law had gotten married in the end of January.. naturally they didn’t tell us about it at all. Just like they didn’t even bother to respond to the invitation (or ever even congratulate us) when we invited them to our wedding. Some manners, eh? Well at least his girlfriend didn’t get the kinda wedding she had always wanted. I guess they didn’t want a real wedding because then they would’ve had to invite us there. Who knows. Lamers.

    I made a new image today, called [Natural beauty]. Mostly it was just a painting practise and I’m not sure if I’m particularly happy with it. I suppose it looks nice. Doesn’t seem to be getting many comments at Renderosity but is that a real surprise anyway? You only get tons of comments if you keep commenting on everyone else’s images and suck up to everyone.. at least that’s the way it seems. Oh well. I don’t feel like playing that game.

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