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huhtikuu 2018
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    Yay, Friday! I didn’t post anything last night, like you probably noticed. I was playing with fractals and totally forgot about the rest of the world. Nothing to show yet, but I might continue today. I’ve written half of the article and I’m trying to get most of the rest written today (you can wish, eh?). In addition to that, I’ve written the job application I’ve mentioned before… or.. well, T. wrote it :P Seriously, he was an enormous help with it and I’m very very grateful. I already thought of a way to thank him :o)

    But it does feel good to realise that there are many genuinely sweet people around me. The cynical me is sometimes wondering what people are after when they’re nice to me but right now I’m letting my naive side beat the crap out of the cynical side for a change. I’d rather have faith in people than sit and doubt everything.

    I found this [interesting link] at Renderosity and it made me feel sick. Someone at Renderosity was annoyed because of the attempt to have a law against it.. and I was like ”huh?”. It seems in ”the land of the free” you should defend people’s right to do whatever they wish as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Of course that’s a noble thought but when people are clearly idiots, I think it’s only nice to try to protect them from their own stupidity. I’m not sure which I consider more sick: having one’s tongue split or having one’s fingertip amputated – just so you’d stand out from the crowd. ”Oh yeah, I want to be handicapped just because I want to be different”. (Oh, excuse me, handicapped probably isn’t a politically correct term.)

    In the interview that kid with split tongue says: ”When I first saw it, I thought tongue-splitting was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life”. I can’t help thinking someone’s in the need of therapy. Self-mutilation is the most beautiful thing someone has ever seen? Boy do we live in a sick world or what. Oh and this one’s my favourite: ”And it’s a plus, he says, when it comes to kissing.” I think not, good sir. The day I get turned on by a forked tongue is the day I have myself committed to a psychiatric hospital.

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