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huhtikuu 2018
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  • owww my stomach

    I learned a lesson about certain type of sweets today. Oh my poor stomach. I only ate 50 grams but you can’t IMAGINE how sick they made me. Note to self: next time you read a warning text in a bag of sweets, BELIEVE it. *OoOFF*

    Currently I’m sitting here, listening to Chopin’s Walz in C-sharp Minor – or whatever it’s called – and just feeling generally good about my life. R. emailed me today again and I just realised how blessed I am… (love you, really..!) And I had a really nice, relaxing evening watching tv with hubby. Tuesdays are so nice :)

    I also made a new image, first one for some time now. It’s called Serpent’s Song and you can see it right [here]. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and also submitted it to DAZ, would be cool if it got accepted for February’s gallery. I got that Toni2002 set as a gift from Jai yesterday *gives Jai a big squeezie hug* and it was perfect for this image. But now.. bed.

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    Russian Spy:
    22.1.2003, 1.44

    Haha you need to drink some water to uhh get that stuff out your system ;) And you’re welcome :D

    22.1.2003, 2.24

    Beautiful! You betcha they will get this one in the gallery (unless they are totally blind). I love it! Hugs :)

    Jai-nnifer ;):
    23.1.2003, 23.03

    *squeezie hug* :D

    29.1.2003, 2.04

    Uh oh, what type of sweet is this? And how do I avoid them? :P

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