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toukokuu 2018
ma ti ke to pe la su
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  • my muscular 20-year-old

    being challenged
    by the ones who see
    failure and denial
    time after time
    only the blind man’s words
    can break the spell
    Your reality or mine?
    Such twisted perfection
    but I’ve left your hell
    (by yours truly)

    Suddenly I just felt like writing poems even though I really don’t know anything about writing poetry. I like haikus and tankas (if they’re called that in English as well) but I can’t write them in English. I have no idea how the syllables go. English doesn’t make sense to me when it comes to syllabicating (if that is even a word) :P

    I spent about $9 in Poser stuff today. :/ Actually I spent a lot more than that but the money I spent on someone else’s birthday present doesn’t count. Daz released a beautiful morphing cloak for V3 (and LaurieS had made gorgeous textures for it) so I just had to get it. Plus BATLabs keeps coming up with more cool outfits. When do I ever use all that stuff? O_o

    Was fun trying out my Poser now that I’ve upgraded this computer. I’ve got one folder of face presets that used to take about 45 seconds to load.. now it loads in three seconds. THREE! I almost fell from my chair. I did a quick test render with V2 (cos the file size is bigger than V3’s), very high resolution textures, very high resolution hair and DAZ’s complex global lighting presets (which used to take forever to render) and the render was done very fast compared to my old machine. So yeah, I am happy. It’s like changing a 80-year-old who can hardly walk properly to a well-trained muscular 20-year-old. :]

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    27.4.2003, 19.07

    *kade* :'(

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