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toukokuu 2018
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  • wheeeeeee

    I’ve got a new computer :D Well not totally new but new enough. What a faaaaaast processor and all. And a gig of RAM! Wheee! The unfortunate thing is, obviously, the fact that I need to reinstall everything. I started with the basic stuff (mIRC, ICQ) so I can at least talk to my friends while I’m installing other things. It’s a big job to install everything again but hey, at least I have a powerful computer now. I still need to get a new graphics card but for now the old one will have to do because I can’t afford a new one. When we have the money for it we’ll probably get a Matrox Parhelia, that’s good for graphics I think.

    Other than the new computer not much is going on in my life. Markku and I are still happy as pigs in the mud, my sales at Renderosity are going really well and next week I will a) graduate and b) have my birthday. Sounds like a nice week, eh? :) I’ve applied for a temp teacher’s job at a junior high school but I doubt I’ll have any chances. But at least I’ve tried and thus I’ve also written a CV and an application which I can modify and use again in the future :)

    Work.. my deadline for the next magazine article is on May 21st, so I still have plenty of time. I think I’ll start working on it only after my birthday so I have plenty of time to set up my new computer first. I really want to get more commission work but I don’t know how. Should I just make more images and offer them to magazines etc? Or set up a website where I try to sell my work? Methinks I’ll ask Adam. He has done a lot of commission work I think, so maybe he can give me some advice. See, the semesters in schools will end soon (at the end of May) so I’m not very likely to do any teaching (except for maybe a day or two every now and then?) until August. That’s why I need something to keep me busy till then – and something to bring me MONEY until then.

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