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helmikuu 2018
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  • Tired… :o

    Papu and I have been working our pretty little butts (say what?) off trying to finish our product and I’m uploading it to the MarketPlace right now. Finally! I know this work has already paid off because I know at least I (!) will be using this product a lot :P

    I haven’t done much else, actually. Oh except that I’ve played with Pixia, it’s starting to make sense. It’s a neat little program and it’s not heavy on my poor computer either.

    *Yawn* I had a lucid dream two nights ago. At least I think it counts as a lucid dream. I went to a Harry Belafonte concert and while he was singing Going Down Jordan I realised I was waking up. I thought something like ”Damn it, I am SO not going to wake up yet, I want to see the show!” and I managed to keep the dream going for a bit longer. Sooo I guess it was a lucid dream..? And what a happy dream it was. I even got to hug him earlier in the dream… yeehaa :D (Jai, stop pretending that you’re going to barf!)

    Last night I dreamt that CMX wanted to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest O_o I think there’ll be snowboarding in hell before they try something like that, though :D And now I’m finally going to bed. Tata!

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    29.3.2003, 20.37

    *barfs on the comments section*

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