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huhtikuu 2018
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    I must’ve slept somehow badly because my shoulder is all screwed up. Turning my head hurts, I’m not sure if it’s because of muscles or a nerve but the pain is annoying. I shouldn’t be doing anything on the computer now I guess.

    My head has been kinda empty today (heh did I hear you say ”Isn’t it always?”) and I haven’t gotten anything done – except that I emailed R. and watched some Futurama episodes on dvd which was fun enough but not very effective. Nor financially clever. I REALLY have to get some new products out and soon if I’m going to eat something other than oatmeal this summer :/

    Yesterday was a good day, the weather was excellent so we spent quite a while outside – first powerwalking for an hour and later on walking around in the centre of the town right by the seaside. It was lovely and relaxing, all in all a perfect way to spend your Sunday.

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    27.5.2003, 12.36

    uuuuu *hakee jo laastarit ja siteet valmiiksi* pelk!! :'(

    Outi Pie:
    27.5.2003, 12.43

    Ja syystä! >:I (no ei sentäs :)

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