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huhtikuu 2018
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  • the copycat strikes again

    Inspired by someone else’s blog, here’s my list of, er, things:

    At the tender age of 27 I…

    …have learned what real love is
    …have found the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with
    …am married to the above mentioned person
    …am still as impatient as I’ve always been even though I’m trying to work on it
    …have written dozens and dozens of essays using my famous bullshit generator
    …have never failed an exam
    …have attended four funerals and four weddings (including my own wedding)
    …have had my artwork published
    …have an academic education
    …still don’t quite know what I should do with my life when it comes to work
    …am strong enough to let go of people who aren’t worth my efforts
    …can have basic conversations with people in four different languages
    …get along with computers pretty well
    …have difficulties in accepting compliments about my appearance
    …seem to have more close male friends than female friends
    …have gotten over my anxiety problems (I hope)
    …am scared of dying even though I am not likely to die any time soon
    …have more faith in myself than I used to
    …am confident that whatever problems I might face in the future, things will always work out fine
    …know I’m very lucky to live in Finland
    …have been through an emotional hell because of a destructive friendship
    …sometimes wish I was still a little girl living with my parents
    …have visited 9 different countries
    …know I get attached to people easily and realise I might get hurt because of it
    …make a fool out of myself on a regular basis but always get over it rather fast
    …can design a good looking website
    …very rarely drink alcohol
    …know who my real friends are and what friendship should be like
    …never seem to go to bed before midnight.

    Can’t think of anything else right now. Should go to bed but as usual I’m still sitting here. I feel like playing with fractals but I think it’s rather late to start with something like that. I’ve been working on my article today and I suppose it’s coming along all right even though I have only 1/4 of it written so far *eep*. Hubby will be working evening shift tomorrow and on Friday, and I reckon I’ll get lots more done then. I found out today that you can do pretty amazing things with Pixia’s gradients and brushes, too bad the program does not support .psd files :/ Le sigh.

    Everyone has been playing with the new version of Messenger Plus! today and I think I’ve got Imperial March coming out of my ears by now. I have to admit Mr. Hanky’s ”Hi-de-ho!” always puts a smile on my face though. Ooh and I got mail from R. today *bounce* .. and some piccies… *bounce more* Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now.
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