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huhtikuu 2018
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    Haven’t really had time to think about posting anything. This week has been a busy one, with me trying to work on my Poser projects as well as my thesis. Today I met my instructor, we talked about my thesis for about one and half hours and I really am almost done with it now, it feels strange. It’s been such a big part of my life for half a year. We also agreed on how I’m going to take my maturity test and I’m happy things worked out pretty much the way I wanted them. I told my instructor about the fact that I’ve suffered from anxiety and that I’d rather write an article than take that test on an exam day and she said it’s perfectly okay if I want to do it that way. The article needs to be 3-5 pages and I will start working on it after I leave my thesis to be evaluated.

    Saw the most horrible episode of ER ever. It took place in Hawaii… if you’ve seen it, you know which episode I am referring to. Won’t say more than that so I won’t spoil it for anyone else. Gawd, I cried for like 40 minutes – I am just way too sensitive sometimes. I can’t help it, though. And fortunately hubby doesn’t make fun of it, not much anyway, he’ll always come and cuddle me and comfort me when I’m crying over some fictional character. He’s sweet.

    I am getting tired of various Poser communities. Everywhere I go it just seems people are fighting and bickering – it just makes me sad to see that. One community, not naming any names, is bragging with its ”freedom of speech” and saying it’s better than other communities, but when you go there and read the forums, you’ll notice that people are spitting venom at each other over there as well. Just the same as everywhere else, if not worse. It just makes me sick and tired. Fortunately there is still one place where people treat each other with respect and are friendly to each other. I am glad I can be a part of that too :)

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    24.1.2003, 1.51

    Very well said.. and looks like I am gonna be at that one place more often ;)

    24.1.2003, 3.29

    Me is very busy too… that’s why I never got back to you. I will tomorrow, I promise :) I went to see my friend at the company I wish I was working for today. Now I want to work there even more… :) I’m so glad your thesis is going well. Boy, you are going to feel so much lighter without it… I don’t remember anything from that time. I’m blocking :)
    Hang on there, Babes :)

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