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toukokuu 2018
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  • It’s official now :)

    I graduated today :D (well, yesterday, considering it’s past midnight again). Those who are interested can see scans of the papers (both in Finnish and English) right [here]. Master of Arts. Woah, that sounds so big, somehow. Haven’t been celebrating all that much yet, I’ve been kinda tired today and hubby was working evening shift so we didn’t really even have any time to celebrate. A couple of friends came by and I got a bottle of wine and an orchid (!!!) and when hubby came home from work tonight he brought me a bunch of dark red roses.. awww! I also got a very surprising gift from someone, they had bought me an item from my Renderosity wishlist. I was very touched, it was a really sweet thing to do. Must send an email to thank them tomorrow when I’m more awake. Now I’d better go to bed before I fall asleep over my keyboard.

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    30.4.2003, 5.52

    Congratulations.. :)

    Outi Pie:
    30.4.2003, 9.25

    Thankies! :)

    30.4.2003, 11.18

    Suurenmoiset onnitteluni, maisteri!!! Voe voe… kyllä se aika rientää, muistan kun olit vielä syöttötuol… tjaa. Hmmm. *halit*

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