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  • choose to be gay!

    Interesting title, eh? I had a debate about gay people with someone today, and I have to say it pissed me off. I was told gay people choose to be gay. And the person who said that claimed that all the gay people they know did that – chose to be gay. Now why the heck would anyone choose to be a gay when you consider what the society still thinks about them? Saying gay people choose to be gay is (sorry but it is) the biggest load of crap I have heard for ages. I bet the homosexual apes (yes, there are examples of homosexuality in nature as well) chose to be gay as well..

    Just in case you’re doubting.. no, I’m not gay. I just happen to know gay people and I take offence when I’m told they chose to be that way and that they’re sinners because they don’t cure themselves. If gay people choose to be gay, shouldn’t that mean I could choose to become a lesbian? Well I can’t. I like men. And it’s not just a question of psychological preference or anything, it’s also a chemical reaction. My body reacts to men, not women. Attraction isn’t a conscious process. My gay friends have told me they were experiencing their homosexuality already before they even were old (and informed enough) to be ABLE to make a conscious decision. So, uh, where are the gay people who actually chose to be gay? Raise your hand…

    In one thing this particular person (who I do like a lot even though this thing pissed me off) was correct. There is SOMETHING gay people can choose. They can choose whether they are true to themselves or deny who they are. If religious people are right, gay people should deny their personalities and live their life pretending to be heterosexual because otherwise they’re sinning. But how the heck can it be a sin to be who you are? It’s not like you’re hurting someone if you’re gay!

    I guess it’s easy to pick all the answers from the Bible but I find it very unfortunate that people so often fail to see that the Bible is *literature*. It’s a book. And that book was written by people, not God. Even if it was spoken by God (yes, I do think some of it is indeed God’s word), it was written down by people and an author always, always affects the message, whether they want it or not. It’s just how communication is. My point here is that since the Bible (one part of it, anyway) is anti-gay, it might well be due the fact that the society of that time might have been very anti-gay – it still is, for crying out loud! And another thing.. who says you’re supposed to take everything there is in the Bible literally? It is full of metaphors. That’s something that should be taken into account when you’re studying it.

    Anyway, I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible. I haven’t read it all that much but I know my basics. I don’t claim to be an expert on religion in general either. I believe what I believe. It’s just that things like this make me really uncomfortable. Oh well, this rant is long enough as it is. Sorry but this whole thing just really upset me.

    So, um, what else is new? I found myself interested in fractals. I never understood why people were so excited about them but now I’m starting to get it. Too bad I can’t create anything nice myself.. maybe I will learn one day, we’ll see.

    Tomorrow is The Day. If all goes well, I’ll have my diploma at 3 pm tomorrow (actually, today – it’s 1:36 am already). Yay! They haven’t called me about any kinds of problems so I assume they’re letting me graduate :P I’ve decided not to throw a party or anything simply because a) I don’t have the energy and b) we couldn’t possibly fit a bunch of guests in this apartment. Three or four is about the maximum we can have at one time. Anyway, going to bugger off again. Tata!

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    29.4.2003, 1.44

    First of all CONGRATS!!!, you worked hard for it and now it’s finally here….THE DAY! It’s been hard and tough many times (had to crack the whip a few times to get her to work..*grin*). But you did it and you did it good!!!
    The other subject…naaaw…I’m not going there…:)
    Love ya pupuli

    29.4.2003, 13.31

    AMEN to that. Very well said my friend.

    And congrats on The Day ;)

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