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toukokuu 2018
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    Wheeee! Back home! We arrived yesterday evening, but I was too busy to post anything then. I’m trying to write a CV and a job application which both need to be posted today (and I still haven’t written the application.. eep!). I’d much rather be working on the image I’m making for a client but hey, I’ll have time for that tonight after I’ve made sure the application is on its way to my possible employer :) My CV is pretty much done but it looks kinda sad and short. I don’t have much working experience which bothers me a bit but hopefully someone will hire me anyway.

    I got my new computer today. I guess I should call it an upgrade because it’s not a WHOLE computer but since we’re upgrading almost everything there is in my comp, it’s almost like a whole new machine. Markku is working evening shift today so that means we won’t be installing the new stuff yet (maybe tonight if he’s not too tired, but at least during the weekend if not sooner). The only bad thing about this upgrade is that my bank account was hit pretty badly. I really need some money, soooOooOOon.

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    23.4.2003, 14.33

    Rahaa? Pian? Kuulostaa juuri minun mietteiltäni. Voisin lisätä vielä yhden avainsanan : EPÄTOIVOISESTI! heehee ;)

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