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toukokuu 2018
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  • the weirdest dream

    I had the strangest dream this morning. I haven’t got a clue what it could mean. It was just so utterly bizarre. I shared it with some friends on IRC and because I’m too lazy to type the whole thing again, I’ll just post the log here :P

    [Eowyn] i was in a camping centre with lots of people i went to school with
    [Eowyn] high school friends etc
    [Eowyn] many people i didn’t know at all… and hubby was there too
    [Eowyn] and the camping centre was in the middle of the woods, obviously, like they always seem to be (i reckon it’s a way of torturing teenagers)
    [Eowyn] at some point a part of the group decided to go and check out something
    [Eowyn] so everyone grabbed a.. hmm.. vespa? that’s not an English word.. what are they called? and drove along the forest road
    [Eowyn] (sort of like a grandpa version of a motorbike, small and ugly)
    [Eowyn] and we came to a place (it was right next to the road) where there was a big gorge
    [Eowyn] except that it was round in shape
    [Eowyn] and each side of it was just… argh.. straight cliff
    [Eowyn] so it was sort of like there was one huge, deep hole in the ground
    [direzz] sheer?
    [Eowyn] yeah sheer
    [Eowyn] there’s a place like that in Lapland, actually, but you probably haven’t been there
    [Eowyn] and on the opposite side of that thing, in the cliff, was a bird nest
    [Eowyn] it was almost at the top but not quite
    [Eowyn] and in the bird nest there was a huge, strange looking bird
    [Eowyn] and i had no idea what it was but my classmate said it was some kind of a stork
    [Eowyn] ”it’s a sparrow stork” she said, as if i had been stupid not to know it
    [Eowyn] but i thought it looked like a phoenix
    [Eowyn] and the bird made really strange sounds.. very human. sort of like amused giggling
    [Eowyn] and while we were watching it, we could see the bushes and what not right above the nest moving
    [Eowyn] and there was this huge bear on the edge of the cliff, looking at the bird
    [Eowyn] and suddenly the bear just.. somehow reached down.. and ate the bird
    [Eowyn] i got scared when i saw the bear eating the bird
    [Eowyn] and after it had eaten it it looked around a bit and i thought it was still hungry
    [Eowyn] and cos we weren’t very far from it (only on the opposite side of the , erm, thing), i grabbed the bike or whatever and went back to the camping centre

    Phoenix? How would I even know what a phoenix looks like? Gosh it was strange. :/

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