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toukokuu 2018
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  • annoyed and tired

    I haven’t got a clue why but it seems no matter how much I work and no matter how much money I make, I’m always broke. There’s never enough money so I could actually SAVE some. The computer upgrade and the new car tyres take care of it this time. I’ve got enough commission work this month to pay for the upgrade but that’s about it. I’ll be lucky if I have $30 of that money left after paying for the upgrade. My credit card bill was an unpleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be around $70 but instead it was $120 because I forgot about something I had bought. *sigh*

    To be honest I *could* be more careful with my money. I could spend a lot less money on things that aren’t really needed. I have to start taking better care of my financial situation.

    I’m very happy with the work I’m doing for a client at the moment. I like working with this particular client (if I can use that word), we seem to understand each other very well plus he’s got a good sense of humour. The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who is designing a cover for a magazine and while I was talking to him I really understood how lucky I am. He was having major problems with the client because the client was never happy with anything he made and didn’t seem to agree with him on anything at all.. And me – well, I have it so much easier. I’m happy. Would be so nice if I could do this for work – for REAL work that is, instead of just being a freelancer.

    It’s almost Easter. That means we’ll be leaving on holidays tomorrow. We’re going to spend time with my family and hubby’s too I guess. I’m not sure if I’m that excited about leaving – I’m sort of in a working mood and would like to continue working on the projects I have. But it’s probably a good thing to go away for a while, spend time away from the computer and just relax.

    I made a new image yesterday, called [It’d All Be Grey]. I am actually rather pleased with it even though I know it’s not very realistic. But hey, try making a similar effect in Photoshop and you’ll notice it’s not very easy to come up with a believable result :/ Too bad the image didn’t really get many viewings or comments at Renderosity. I don’t care about the comments too much, but not getting many viewings is a bit sad – it means people aren’t interested in viewing my work. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s not a T&A-render. Or perhaps it’s about the same old popularity contest again. Well, I am happy with the image myself and that’s what counts, I guess. :)

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