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huhtikuu 2018
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  • *yawn*

    Making custom brushes with the latest Photoshop turned out to be quite tedious. The program insists on setting the brush spacing to 25% by default and you have to do extra work to get around that. WHAT were they thinking when they made that? But I guess the time I spent trying to figure out was time well spent, because I learned some new things about how the brushes behave. You can do some neat things with them I tell you. Have to experiment with them more when I have time.

    The Poser projects are keeping me busy. I’ve got two of my own going and in addition to that two projects together with other merchants. Whew. But hopefully the projects will also pay for our car taxes and things like that :) I’ve also done some cleaning up on my computer today, among other things I’ve cleaned up my ICQ contacts list.. removing people who never come online anymore and contacting those who might still show up to ask them if I should keep them on the list.

    This hasn’t been a particularly relaxing weekend and I’m not exactly thrilled about starting another week of working on my thesis but knowing it’s almost done makes me feel better. And it was nice to meet my family this weekend, mom and dad dropped by again today on their way home. Anyway, I should go to bed. *yawn*

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    20.1.2003, 3.51

    Just a quick hello :) I know we haven’t talked in a while – I promise to be better about it as soon as the pressure is off (tell you all about it in person). Hugs :)

    21.1.2003, 18.40

    It works… I’m still here ;)


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