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helmikuu 2018
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  • Another weekend’s over

    The weekend was nice and relaxing, albeit kinda uneventful too. Yesterday we managed (once again) to spend a horrid amount of money on something. We had a lovely dinner in a restaurant which is slowly becoming a habit and a bad one at that, considering how expensive it is. But it was fun and it was worth the money… afterwards we (a friend + hubby + me) went to our friend’s for coffee etc. It was really nice except that I fell asleep on the couch while the guys were playing some rally game *yawn*.

    I love Nero DriveSpeed. I used to hate listening to cds on my computer because the stupid cd drive makes such an awful noise: it speeds up and slows down and speeds up and slows down etc. Now using the Nero DriveSpeed I can limit the read speed of the drive so it doesn’t make noise anymore when I’m listening to something. Yay for Nero. Now I’m happily listening to Congo Man by Mighty Sparrow – that’s a kick ass song btw! :P

    I’ve found a [new favourite artist] at Renderosity. Very different from my other favourites such as Will Kramer aka voodoo but excellent images nevertheless. He (?) seems to have specialized in making dragon images and it’s just amazing how much life there is in his dragons. They have the funniest facial expressions and poses… wow. Check out his gallery (if you’re a Renderosity member), you won’t be disappointed.

    I dyed my hair today only to once again realise that I can’t make it red no matter what I try unless I bleach it first which I don’t want to do. Tonight the result was pretty much what it always is: my hair is still brown but now with a slight red tint. Bleh.

    I can’t believe it’s Monday again tomorrow (well actually today, since it’s past midnight already). Weeks seem to pass sooo fast these days. I bet I’m 50 before I even realise it. I will be working a lot this week so I don’t know if I am going to have much time for rendering or things like that. A deadline of a project is getting closer so I really have to start working hard :P *yawn* and now off to bed… I’m surprisingly tired even though this has been such a relaxing day.

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