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helmikuu 2018
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  • re-makes and general annoyance

    Hm. I made a new render today. Or actually I made it about a week ago or so but only had time to finish it now. It’s got nudity in it so consider yourself warned. The image is called [Master and servant] – consider that the second warning :P Nah, it’s not a BAD image, really, I just felt like letting my vampire loose again. I suppose the image turned out all right but it’s nothing very special to me.

    Speaking of images, I put a brand new photo of myself on the [info] page. I’m surprised I managed to take an okay pic of myself using the webcam, because usually I really dislike all my photos. I did filter it in Photoshop BUT that’s pretty much the way I look in the original image as well so I didn’t use hours and hours on the image trying to make myself look normal.. LOL

    I watched the original Japanese Ring yesterday. Having seen the American re-make of it, I expected it to be more scary than it actually was. I thought the new American version was much more scary than the original but I quite enjoyed the original movie as well. What I don’t understand, however, is why there’s such a need to re-make good movies and series? For example the excellent British comedy series Absolutely Fabulous has an American version. So does the British Queer as Folk. AND to my horror I found out that the US have their own version of Cold Feet as well. Why re-make a perfectly good series? *shrug* Beats me.

    I’ve been terribly annoyed with a friend of mine lately and I don’t know how to tell them. I’m not very good at confronting people I guess… I try to avoid conflicts, I hate fighting with friends. I know that things need to be talked through, though, so I won’t insist on pushing the whole thing aside for months or anything. I’ll just have to figure out what to say to the friend.

    I’m also very frustrated with IRC. This feeling seems to come and go, every 6 months or so (maybe a bit more often). Once again I just feel like typing /quit for good. Maybe I will, this time. Or maybe I’ll stay at the local channel since it’s the perfect way to communicate with neighbours etc ;) I don’t enjoy sitting on #Miracle much anymore and now that Dave is in Holland I don’t really have much reason to sit there at all. Buuut he’ll be back soon. I hope he’s having a good time :) And now – me – bed. Tata!

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