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helmikuu 2018
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  • Not again… :(

    Chantal to me when I got back from the grocery store:

    [DutchAngel] so…… what did you buy that you should not have bought because you are going to cry on my shoulder later this week, because you have eaten something that you should not have, but did anyway, because you felt like it!?

    ROFL! You just gotta love her :D I know I do *snuggles Channiepops*

    I feel… accomplished. I’ve done some working on my next product (it’s handy to be able to talk to Papu on MSN while we’re both working on the product), I’ve defrosted the freezer (yes, that time of the year again) and, um, that’s it. No wait, I bought myself a cd-rw! I’ve wanted my own for ages because it’s tedious to always transfer everything to hubby’s comp for burning. Now I can burn cds whenever I want to / need to without having to go through a lot of extra steps.

    Anyway the title of this post is referring to my shoulders and neck. I’ve been working so much on the comp this week that my shoulders are hurting like hell and I can barely turn my head. *sigh* I think I should take it easy tomorrow (at least) and just try to relax. It would be SO much easier if my monitor was straight in front of me instead of being on the right side of the desk so I always have to keep my head turned when I’m working. But, the center part of the desk can’t take the weight of the big monitor so I can’t help it :( I need to buy myself a new desk… or a new monitor. Both cost a lot of money. Bleh :(

    Baggy is now in Holland which means it’s practically useless to be on IRC at all because there is no one to talk to. Long live MSN :) Anyway, I’d better go to bed because this neckpain is killing me.

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