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helmikuu 2018
ma ti ke to pe la su
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  • She’s out :D

    Wahey! [Maxine], our super extra cool new character (heh ;) is finally out and man, I am SO PROUD. I think Dave and I did a kick-ass job on her :) Now I’m just hoping she’ll sell well.

    You’d think I’ve had a nice and lazy Friday evening since I just released a new product, right? Well I haven’t. I did tons of work on the NEXT product which will be another collaboration, this time with Papu (who rocks :P).. or did I already mention that? Well anyway.. I can’t remember the last time I’ve worked as much on Poser stuff as I’ve done for the past two weeks or so. I’ve also been doing some other graphic related things, such as trying to learn how to use a nice lil application called Pixia. Phew! And I thought I’d have some time off after I’m done with my studies. I guess I won’t, then.

    I’m listening to In nije dei by De Kast and feeling kinda mellow (and tired!). I haven’t got a clue what the song is all about (since it’s in Fries and I don’t know any Fries at all) but I’ve always loved it, it’s so beautiful and makes me feel somehow.. hmm.. tranquil. Too bad I can’t listen to it with headphones on my bed, that would be a good way to relax after all the Poser work I’ve done.

    So the war has begun, too. How utterly depressing. I wish they had known better but no. God I’m grateful to be Finnish.

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    22.3.2003, 12.46

    Jag är rockande ;) :D

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