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toukokuu 2018
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    Outi says: no we’re actually going to a blogger meeting tomorrow
    Outi says: (blogger = a person who writes a weblog)
    Ryan says: they have support groups now?

    ja sitten:

    Ryan says: ok, I’m going to hit reject on the lips, but only cause I want more by friday… you can have Janne pose for you
    Outi says: BY FRIDAY? :O
    Ryan says: Say, ”Let me look at your eyes my Love…… NO, STOP BLINKING!!!”
    Outi says: O_O
    Ryan says: ok, well, maybe not friday, but soon
    Outi says: well I’m going to be pretty busy with Janne.. but if I work hard during the weekend you might have stuff on Monday or Tuesday
    Ryan says: OK,
    Ryan says: FINE
    Outi says: *hides*
    Ryan says: I guess I see where I rate in your priorities

    ja vielä:

    Ryan says: I’d start a blog, but it wouldn’t be that exciting. 7/27/04 13:27 ”rejected some lips I suspect were modeled after some artist’s boyfriend”
    Ryan says: 13:30 ”ran for cover”

    :D :D :D

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