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huhtikuu 2018
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  • Regions… ARRGHHH

    I SO hate the damn regioning in DVDs. What’s the point in having different regions? Who on earth thought it would be nice to have MANY different kind of DVDs instead of one standard? If I knew, I’d go and beat the idiot up. I am so sick of never finding the movies I want… they’re always just bloody R1 DVDs and I can’t watch those. It just really really gets to me. *grrrrrrr* I’ve got steam coming out of my ears.

    Other than the useless DVD hunt, this has been an okayish Sunday. We visited our friends and had a lovely time with them. They’re planning their wedding so we were reading all these wedding magazines and looking at wedding gowns etc. I don’t really envy them, they’ll be having a wedding for 200 guests or so, which means it will cost more than a fortune and will be a pain to organize. But it’s their choice ;)

    Yesterday was also a real eye opener when it comes to a certain Poser Community… I don’t think I will spend time there anymore, some people just seem to enjoy being rude and inconsiderant too much. So many people are bashing Renderosity these days but I have to tell you – R’osity isn’t that bad when you compare it to that other place… But what goes around, comes around. Those people will get what they deserve, one day. I wish I was more like Jai. Even when people put her down, she won’t wish them ill. She’s such a sweetheart. :)

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    27.1.2003, 22.51

    Aww thanks Outipie :D ~hugs~

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