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huhtikuu 2018
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    The problems I’ve been having with my email client today reminded me about the basic personality types. It’s when you’re having problems with software that you truly notice the different kinds of people you have around you :P

    Go and tell a someone you’re having problems with your email client, which in this case is Outlook.
    Person A shows sympathy and says: ”That’s terrible. I hope you’ll get it fixed soon!”.
    Person B shows he’s willing to help his friends and says: ”I’d love to help, but I don’t use Outlook myself.”
    Person C states the facts and says: ”Yeah that’s Outlook for you, unfortunately.”
    Person D, my personal ”favourite”, won’t let a perfect ”nyer nyer nyer” -opportunity go to waste and says: ”OUTLOOK? Why on earth are you using that piece of shit in the first place? It’s your own fault you’re having problems, you should use [insert program name here] instead!”

    If you have a sick cat and you tell people about it, Person D is the one who’ll go ”Why would you want to have a cat anyway? They’re useless things, let it die and buy a rabbit instead!”. *sigh* Anyway, I got the email problems solved, thanks to Joost who is an absolute sweetie pie.

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