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huhtikuu 2018
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    Should be in bed but I really REALLY need to do something relaxing before I go. I played with fractal flames for three hours (!) and didn’t manage to create ANYTHING nice at all. Three hours totally wasted (well I suppose it does count as practise but..), I’m just brilliant sometimes. Now I’m tired and my head hurts – it’s those fractals, they make my head hurt when I stare at them for hours.

    Thank goodness it’s weekend. I don’t really have any plans except that a friend is taking me out to dinner tomorrow which is excellent. And after being so strict to myself all week when it comes to eating I can enjoy the dinner without feeling guilty about it. But being strict pays off! I’ve lost almost two kgs during the past two weeks, yay!

    I don’t know why but I’ve been feeling kinda lousy today. I’ve felt like a vegetable, nothing seemed fun… T. said it means I’m reaching nirvana.. ROFL.. and I always thought nirvana is something pleasant (not the band though *shudder*). Oh well, I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I will – it’s Saturday, after all.

    Our new product still isn’t finished yet because a) Papu’s been having computer problems and file renaming problems :/ and b) we’re lazy bums. Raise your hand if that surprises you. Must.. finish.. the product.. Seriously, my sales have been down lately and I know it’s because I haven’t released anything new since, uh, end of March? Must do something about it soon. Must come up with a product for Daz as well. *sigh* And now.. bed.
    Music: Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba – Malaika | Mood: frustrated

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