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huhtikuu 2018
ma ti ke to pe la su
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  • bad, bad me.

    I am a bad bad person – I haven’t updated my blog for two whole days. Sorry, I promise it’ll never happen again (dream on ;) I could claim I have been really busy with really important things but I’d be lying if I did that. I’ve been doing all sorts of unimportant things. Fun but unimportant :P Today I went shopping with my mom. That was really nice, we had a wonderful time just walking around in different stores even though we didn’t really buy much.

    Tonight I’ve been working on a sekrit project and trying to develop my webdesigner skills while doing that. I haven’t seen Papuli online for a couple of days so we haven’t been working on our product much. Actually, I haven’t seen her since she mentioned something about someone coming over with a bag of sweets… hmm O_o I reckon she’s now lying flat on the floor drooling green, sugary slime. So young… *sigh*

    I am SO hooked on fractals and Apophysis. I’m dreaming of one day becoming as good as [TT] who, amazingly enough, has only been doing fractals for a couple of months. Must.. practise.. must.. must.. I’m weird :/

    I’ve been following my diet very strictly this week and I’ve happily noticed that it’s working. Oh and today in one of the clothing stores I tried on a nice looking pair of pants which were the size I’d normally only try on if I was feeling really optimistic.. and guess what? They were too big on my waist… HA! :D Okay enough with this.. I’m not in a blog mood tonight – or something.
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