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huhtikuu 2018
ma ti ke to pe la su
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    Today’s theme song is the ever-so-bouncy Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk… rofl. I’ve been listening to it just because it’s so silly and happy and thus fits my mood perfectly. For my Finnish readers: it’s the song from Alfred J. Kwak, I think the Finnish lyrics go pretty much like ”On tänään onnenpäivä, jotain jotain jotain, on tänään onnenpäivä, ja onnellinen oon!”

    …Ik was wel vaker vrolijk
    Heel vrolijk, heel vrolijk
    Maar zo behoorlijk vrolijk
    Was ik tot nog toe nooit…

    *bounces happily* I did some shopping today and bought myself three new shirts. I was GOING to buy only two but then I noticed the sign that said ”If you buy worth at least 40 euros, we’ll give you a discount of 10 euros”. Those two shirts were worth 35 euros. I wanted the discount so I picked a nice 10-euro-shirt and thanks to the discount got it for free. ;) Yay for clever shopping.

    I’ve been feeling kinda absent minded today because of a conversation I had with someone last night. Loads of things on my mind, some of them kinda problematic, too. I was feeling tired and irritable earlier but then I talked to Maria who made me feel better – another fine example of how big a difference a good friend can make. After our chat I started working on my article and I’m proud to announce it’s almost ready. Only four or five paragraphs left to write, woohoo. I think I’ll do it already tonight so I can be lazy the whole day tomorrow and for example play with fractals while Markku is watching F1 (*yawn*).
    Music: Herman van Veen – Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk | Mood: strange but content

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