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    Work, work, work, senora…

    I’m actually trying to work (!) but as you can probably guess I’m not too enthusiastic about it. Normally I’d enjoy it but now I’m somehow really absent-minded. I’m thinking about all kinds of things, mainly the upcoming moving (whenever that will be) and new apartment and also a render I’m dying to work on. […]

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    bloody annoyed!

    I’m tired and I’m so annoyed I could scream. We’re filling applications for a new apartment and of course the foundations or whatever expect us to tell them how much money we make and how much property we have etc etc. Well guess who can’t find her certificate of taxation? I’m SICK of all those […]

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    I’ve made my first organic looking fractals! Check out my pwetty [fractal flowers] :) I’ve had so much fun playing with fractals tonight, changing the settings and seeing the forms and colours dance on my monitor.. ooh.. I’ll probably see them in my dreams as well. I’m hooked. This is a whole new world for […]

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    NVIATWS.. well, not quite

    Made a quickie, [Masks and Spells]. Nothing special, the lack of real inspiration shows but hey, I was bored. :) Plus I was feeling guilty for buying all those Daz items and not using them. Ha. I promise I’ll work more on my next one, whatever it will be :P And now to bed. Hopefully.

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    Friday feeling

    Yay, Papu finally showed up on MSN so we can start planning our next product. It’s funny, I feel like I’m drowning in all kinds of projects and yet I’m not actively doing anything for them.. rofl. The curse of being lazy. But I believe T. when he said that a big part of creating […]

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    a day in a life of a nutcase

    Or something. I’m bad at thinking of subject lines… Most of the things I’ve done today had something to do with T., one way or another. Creepy but true (ROFL sorry, T.) Seriously, when it comes to working and my art, I’m more enthusiastic about my life than I’ve ever been before, I think. Things […]

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    books and diaries

    Whoa, I think I spent most of my Tuesday reading books and writing into my diaries. I started writing my dream diary today, and I’m quite enjoying it already. I can’t wait to have the notebook all full ;) Wanna bet that now that I intend to write down all my dreams, I’ll never remember […]

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    Just another day, just another Monday, but it was certainly enjoyable in its own way. I exchanged some emails with T. in the afternoon and I must say I’m enjoying the correspondence with him (look, two difficult words in one sentence!) I’m learning more about him bit by bit and I like it – which […]

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    I spent a couple of hours just now reading a blog written by someone I don’t know at all. The only thing I know is who she works for and that’s also how I found her blog. Very interesting, although I got voyeristic (sp) feelings while I was reading. The way she writes about her […]

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    I did it again

    Yeah, new design again. I can’t help myself. I hope you enjoy the new look – and if you don’t.. LOL don’t worry, I’ll change it again in a couple of months anyway :P And that’s it for today, going to bed now *yawn*

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