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    April 29th it is!

    I went to meet the chief academic officer of the faculty today. I was dressed to kill. You’ll never see me wearing things like that normally but I wanted to look important and convincing :) I was so worried he’d tell me I can’t graduate until I’ve done more phonetics studies. Anyway, I told him […]

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    to my husband..

    ..who doesn’t even read this blog: ”..and even if my house falls down now, I wouldn’t have a clue Because you’re near me and I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life..” (Dido: Thank You) […]

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    pom pom

    The weekend is almost over which is good for my mental health.. considering what happens tomorrow. If I find out that you haven’t had your fingers crossed for me tomorrow morning/noon, I’ll, um, GET YOU FOR THAT! *cough* Yesterday we did some shopping and once again we ended up buying all kinds of things we […]

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    an eventful Friday

    At least I can’t complain about having had an uneventful day. Before I had even had breakfast I had received another commission work offer, the kinda work I really like doing. I was pretty much on cloud nine. I also got the official statement or whatever it’s called about my thesis in the mail, it […]

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    I don’t believe this!

    ”…and we propose the grade Magna Cum Laude Approbatur…” Holy crap. I know I WISHED for it, but I didn’t really believe in my chances. Not really, since my instructor said, a few months back, that my thesis seems like a ”good C”. But, there it is now. Magna… gosh… I feel like dancing the […]

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    I think there’s something wrong with my computer. It’s been acting up quite a bit lately. Sooo.. I’m making backups and will probably be doing a clean install soon. The friend issue is over and dealt with, at least from my side. I decided not to stress about it anymore. I’m done with the article […]

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    give me a sign

    Odd title, I know. It’s a song I’m listening to, by Jean Michel Jarre who I quite like. Doesn’t have anything to do with what I’m about to type, though. Has been a nice day, I met my best girlfriend and had a lovely chat with her about her upcoming wedding and all. Later I […]

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    cultural differences

    Headache. I should’ve gone to bed a long time ago but for some strange reason I’m still awake. Raise your arm if that surprises you. An update on what I posted about yesterday. I found out why my friend is avoiding me. The friend had two reasons. The first was something I can sort of […]

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    I don’t get it

    Darkness, darkness, has me yearning, For things that cannot be. Keep my mind from constant turning, toward the things it cannot see, things it cannot see… I don’t get how it seems to be so easy for some people to turn their back on others. I have a friend (or: had?) who I’ve known for […]

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    bouncy bouncy

    ”It takes Two hearts Two hearts Just to hold love” Oh gosh I am so very very happy. And for no ”major” reason. I’m just really happy and really in love. Last night when I went to bed and hubby cuddled up against me all warm and sleepy, I just felt like my heart would […]

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