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    I’m in a horribly bad mood. This is just one of those days. It’s not like something very bad happened, just lots of small things going wrong -> I’m in a crappy mood. Our product still hasn’t been released. I don’t know WHAT the problem is but it just seems to take AGES… and I’m […]

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    What the..!?!

    It’s 9:12 AM and I am already awake O_o What an utterly unnatural thing for me. I don’t really know what possessed me when I signed up for a class about applying for jobs. It’s a one time thing only, fortunately, and lasts only two hours which means I’ll be back home again around noon. […]

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    A trip to the near past

    I read a huge amount of old emails today, sent to me by someone I love dearly. They were dated from September 2001 till this very month. I was surprised to see how much ”me” there was in those mails: the friend in question always includes parts of my mails in the replies – so […]

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    can you say pig?

    Saturdays seem to be pig days for me. I can’t seem to help it :P Anyway, we got some excellent news yesterday and wanted to celebrate it today.. so we had a really nice dinner in a restaurant and bought ourselves some cool things (and generally spent a lot of money on nothing) which is […]

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    at last..

    The product is finished and has been submitted to the store. I really really really hope there’s nothing wrong with it. Five people tested it and I’ve fixed the few minor problems they found so now it should be flawless. Should. At least I can rest for the weekend now. MmhzzZzzz…

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    Sorry about not posting much this week. I’ve been working on the promo renders of the product etc too much to have time to think about something else. But the good news is that it’s now in beta testing and it seems testers aren’t finding problems in it. I’ve been working on the store renders […]

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    where are they now?

    While I was adding the quote script on the [random] page, I read a quote that said ”A friend is long sought, hardly found and with difficulty kept”. I don’t know about the first part – I never really had to actively seek for friends – but the last part sure is true. Sometimes it’s […]

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    [Eowyn] Dave [Bagpuss] hm? [Eowyn] how does one get that ”currently playing” thing on their site? [Bagpuss] one wrote a program [Bagpuss] in fact one implemented it into one’s webcam program that was written specifically for one’s site [Eowyn] you’re mean [Bagpuss] I’m sorry [Bagpuss] but if you talk like Queen Elizabeth II then I […]

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    The End..

    ..of the weekend. Again. The older I get, the faster time goes by. Seems unbelievable that it’s already March. And soon it’ll be summer. Crikey. This was a rather uneventful weekend. We didn’t really do anything special or go anywhere except the grocery store. Some friends visited us yesterday evening and later last night we […]

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    Okay, USA/Iraq was supposed to be a subject I wouldn’t touch in my blog but I’ll break that good decision now. If they can’t make up their minds soon, even *I* will be tempted to resort to violence. Why? I am so absolutely freaking sick of the whole shit. Everywhere I turn it’s nothing but […]

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