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    oh PLEASE!

    Can’t I just be DONE with it ALREADY? For f**k’s sake, I am so sick of my thesis I could scream. I’ll meet my instructor tomorrow morning to discuss some corrections with her and hopefully I’ll get everything ready before tomorrow evening. *fingers and toes crossed* I just want to be over with this, I’m […]

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    ugh.. stress

    I’m so stressed because of my thesis. The last ”minor corrections” just seem anything but minor to me and I think my head will go *pop* any time now. Fortunately I’m going away for the weekend, to meet the inlaws. Perhaps it’ll help me relax a bit. Still quite a few things to fix in […]

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    zzz.. argghh

    Exhausted. I got my thesis back today, after the first evaluation, and I have to do tons of fixing :( My instructor said it’s not much and that usually people have to fix more things than I do.. but it still feels like I have to write half of the damn thesis again. I’ve been […]

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    weight things

    I never watch the late night TV chat but today I am watching it. They have a guest who works for the Weight Watchers Finland and it’s actually very interesting to listen to the interview. They’re talking about all kinds of things that have to do with diets and losing weight. I’ve lost 5.2 kg’s […]

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    Spring is coming!

    Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But today when I went to the grocery store I heard a bird singing. It was the first time for months, it immediately made me think about spring. Being a realist, I know the winter is anything but over yet, so I’m not going to get all excited about […]

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    New image :)

    Okay, another post for the same evening but hey, I’ve made a new image. I figured I needed to relax so I started up Poser and I actually like the result quite a lot. The pic is called [{{link a thin line}}], have a look! :)

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    Guess what hubby just did an hour ago? Printed my thesis. YES! It’s finally done, at least I think it is. Tomorrow (hopefully) I will hand it out to my instructor for the pre-evaluation. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far.. *shakes head* But yeah, now I am exhausted. I hope I won’t have […]

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    someone else..

    ”Here I stand at the crossroads edge,afraid to reach out for eternity,One step, when I look down,I see someone else not me. Looking back and I seesomeone else. All my life they said Iwas going down,but I’m still standing,stronger, proud.And today I know there’sso much more I can be…”— I’m thinking of you

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    I’m back. And I’m so… very… tired. The weekend was a lot of fun and it was very relaxing but at the same time it made me really tired. I’m not used to spending so much time swimming and bathing and what not. But think about it: the weather outside was -29C.. and the water […]

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